The user wants to view a series of images/photos


Show each image for some seconds and provide controls to manually navigate back and forward, pause/resume and stop/return


Use when

A slideshow is typically used on photo sharing sites such as Flickr or Picasaweb


Usually the screen-estate is maximized for the photos and only a minimal representation of the required controls are used. The controls must be placed either at the top of the photo or below it.

Make sure the following aspects are covered: In some cases it may also be useful to show a bunch of thumbnails and highlight the one that is currently shown. That way the user knows better what to expect. However, this reduces the 'immersive experience'...


Slideshow are very common even in everyday live. The user doesn't have to do much and basically she can sit back and enjoy the show. The controls are only there for going back in case you missed something or pausing it when you are interrupted.

More Examples

Also known as

Photo viewer

Code examples

JonDesign's Smoothgallery
Slideshow using Mootools
Slideshow Pro (Flash)

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Male, 27th July 2008
QOUTE: The user doesn't have to do much and basically she can sit back and enjoy the show.

Why not She/He?
Are slideshows made just for girls?
mariann, 28th July 2008
What do you think of using slideshows on homepages? Should be placed there or not?

Joshua, 28th December 2011
Slideshows on Homepages can be very beneficial. Especially if approached in the correct way per project. (I know I am replying to a really old message, just wanted to weigh-in).

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