Footer Sitemap


The users need to find a specific page


Show a set of categorized links in the footer of every page


Use when

On any site with at least 2 levels of content it. In particular when the site is medium-sized so that there are locations that user ma often want to get to.


Add a small version of a Site Map to the Footer Bar. It does not have to be a sitemap exactly. It could also be an alternative set of categorized links, like LinkedIn is doing. It allows for a different organization than the main site's structure. Can be also combined with Breadcrumbs just like Apple is doing.


The footer of every page is an area that is normally not heavily used. By putting sets of useful links in there users that have scrolled down the page can quickly move on to where-ever they have to go to. In addition, if it is not a literal sitemap but shortcuts instead they can be used to provide shortcuts to often used placed, regardless of where they are in the sitemap. In a way, the footer sitemap is similar to having a Shortcut Box on every page.

More Examples

At they use it as a sitemap in miniature.

At LinkedIn a totally different set of links is used.


A Sitemap on Every Page
A collection of footer screenshots

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4 comments have been added to this pattern

Lorenzo S., 20th February 2008
Also the footer of is a good example...
Christian, 3rd December 2008
I wonder if there's a big difference to Doormat Navigation, seems to me quite similar. As far as I understood, doormats are just on the homepage and not on every site like the sitemap footers!?
Todd Follansbee, 7th April 2010
I am told, but cannot confirm, that footers of this sort can also contribute to SEO organic rankings. While not a UX issue, it is one more reason to consider them.
Damon, 12th August 2010
There aren't many UX sites that I keep returning to, but this is one of them :)

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