Artist Site


Users are interested in an artist and his work.


Create a site with background information, timely information and "digital merchandise".


Use when

You are designing a site for an artist, musician, painter, sculptor and so on. The artist and his work form the central content that meets the interests of the visitors. Users may want to see all possible information about the artist, his life, his works, his schedule and so on. Users may be 'fans' or 'enthusiasts' but they may also be interested in 'buying' work of the artist or 'hiring' him for a performance, thereby introducing a more commercial aspect to a largely artistic site.


The Homepage of the site is very important for this type of site. The home-page must immediately make clear who the artist is and what (s)he does. A powerful way to do this is to place a photo or image of the artist on the home-page. Alternatively it could also be the work of the artist that is visible on the home-page. Another way is to simply say so using a tag-line. The content of such a site is typically:


The artist is basically trying to 'sell' himself using the site. Very few artist can survive without doing marketing activities such as having a site. The information on the site must support users in making decisions about whether or not they want to buy/hire/book/recommend the artist for a certain purpose.

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Amy Janczy, 3rd October 2007
Example of a pottery artist:

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