Icon Menu


Users need so make a selection out of a limited set of items


Allow users to select a menu item by selecting an image and display the label in a fixed location.

From www.apple.com

Use when

The space for the menu is limited or when icons can be used effectively.


The icons are lined-up or placed into a convenient configuration (e.g. 3 by 3 or next to each other). Users can move the focus or mouse-pointer over these icons. The icon that is selected will be visually shown distinct from the others. while an icon is selected the label is shown in the 'label-area' which is usually above or below the icons.


This type of menu emphasizes icons while it is at the same time very compact. Especially in special circumstances with limited screen-space, e.g. mobile phone menus, this can create very effective menus.

More Examples

The SonyEricsson T68 uses an image menu as the main phone menu. The users can use a mini-joystick to select a menu item. The 3 by 3 arrangement corresponds with the keypad arrangement (the 1-9 keys) which work as shortcuts for the menu items.

Example of www.NPK.nl

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Kjell Bublitz, 31st August 2007
I think that icons at that size (and as seen in the screenshot) can be easily misinterpreted as decorative elements.

The screenshot is a good example how it should not be done.

The text-navigation is too prominent and the icons have no label. They are so seamlessly integrated that it nearly appears to be a part of the design.

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